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About us

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Dakshampoo®, was established after a comprehensive training and introduction into softwash applications by Ralf Kreynschmidt in Germany, inventor of "Dachshampoo". Unfortunately, Mr. Ralf Kreynschmidt who also became a good friend of ours died in 2016. Without doubt, his method and cleaning product "Dachshampoo" was the best on the German market with many thousands of satisfied customers. We were very impressed by the telescopic cleaning system using "Dachshampoo" for cleaning roofs, but also facades and terraces. We were convinced that with this new roof cleaning method we could bring about a revolution in the field of safety and effectiveness in the Netherlands. There was a clear need for a safe and effective cleaning method. And so far with great success and many satisfied customers as a result!

"Dakshampoo® has revolutionized the roof cleaning industry."

We are pleased to offer our clients comfort so that they experience as little as possible of our work. After we finished our job facades and windows are decently rinsed, pavements are swept and gutters are checked. During and after carrying out our roof shampoo treatment, we ensure that your house is neat and tidy. The mission of Dakshampoo® is to help homeowners with high-quality treatment to safely, carefree and economically extend the life of their roof and save on future maintenance.

This easy-to-go through website was created to help you make the best possible decision when it comes to improving the well-being of your roof and restoring the beauty of your home. We think you will eventually agree with us - Dakshampoo® is the best method for cleaning your roof. Take the time to browse through the site and thank you for your visit! (Dakshampoo ©)




roof cleaning tiled roofs & roof coating
terrace cleaning
cleaning exterior sauce and stucco
masonry cleaning and sealing
commercial buildings cleaning
woodwork cleaning
dormers windows cleaning only i.c.m. roof cleaning
roof cleaning, roof coating and softwash training



detached houses (gutter up to 7 meters high)
business premises (maximum 12 meters height)



Dakshampoo® Snelreiniger (10l can & 20l can)
TS Groene Aanslagverwijderaar (10l can & 20l can)


vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

  the work is exclusively carried out professionally

vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

  no harmful high-pressure cleaning

vinkje dakgoot schoonmaken

  in most cases we do not walk on roof tiles


Dakshampoo is the first company in the Netherlands that ..........

→ cleans roofs, facades and terraces with softwash, as in the USA.

→ cleans roof tiles with a unique telescopic system with a low water pressure.

→ deals with the development and supply of softwash products for roofs, facades and terraces.

→ has developed a 100% ecological softwash cleaning product for roofs, facades and terraces.

→ provides roof cleaning, roof coating and softwash training.



Did you know that "Dakshampoo®" is a protected brand name?

→ "Dakshampoo" is a protected brand name and also our trade name. It may not be mentioned or used by other companies without license. If this happens, there is a trademark infringement.

→ Dakshampoo hasn't sold out any licenses yet, but if you can still find the Dakshampoo® brand elsewhere? Please report it to us.

(Dakshampoo ©)


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