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  • Roof cleaning without a high-pressure sprayer

    A fantastic result in one day!
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  • Patio cleaning without a high-pressure sprayer

    A fantastic result in one day!
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  • roof cleaning dakshampoo

    There is no walking on roof tiles

    In 95% of the cases, there is no need for one dakshampoo treatment should not be walked on the roof.

    From a ladder we spray with a telescopic spray gun dakshampoo on the roof.

  • roof cleaning softwash without high pressure

    We carefully spray with lower water pressure

    Through the operation of our dakshampoo can be sprayed with up to 75% less water pressure to remove the worst stains.

Impregnation with the TS green scale remover - To keep your roof tiles clean, it is best to take a Dakshampoo® schedule roof conditioner treatment. Our "Roof Conditioner" has a preventive effect against algae, fungi and mosses for two years. Read more...


A top investment

Your roof tiles will last much longer.


Your roof like new again

A wonderful result that you will be happy with.


Top quality and comfort

Your house will be left tidy after the treatment.

Roof cleaning, facade cleaning, patio cleaning and roof coating

Tip! Spray treatments for roof, facade and terrace. 

— Many of our customers who want to have baked or ceramic roof tiles or the terrace cleaned, opt for a spray treatment. This treatment offers many benefits such as; no harmful high-pressure cleaning, no risk of leaks, there is no need to walk on the roof, the joints between the terrace tiles are not sprayed out and etc. The results can be called miraculous on the same day. See our various videos for this.


Green deposits around the house. 

- Due to the current climate, we are increasingly affected by pollution on roof tiles, facades and terraces. This pollution seems harmless in itself, but in practice it is more harmful than people are aware of. In fact, the dirt consists of living organisms such as green deposits, algae, mosses and lichens that are constantly gnawing at the bottom layer. Dirt accumulations between roof tiles also cause winter expansion cracks and leaks, resulting in rotting battens.


Roof cleaning stops the damage. 

- The solution is at your fingertips with Dakshampoo®. Clean roof tiles last much longer than if they are not kept up to date. Roof cleaning is a very economical alternative to new roof tiles in 99% of the cases. After all, in most cases it is not necessary to present dirty ones roof tiles replaced with new ones. It is often an expensive operation and often involves various unforeseen high costs. After a Dakshampoo® treatment will make your roof as clean as new. Another advantage of roof cleaning is that broken roof tiles are revealed during the treatment so that they can be replaced.


Cleaning, impregnation and coating.

— Dakshampoo® offers various innovative treatments such as roof cleaning, roof coating and softwash for the entire exterior of the house or building. Dakshampoo specializes in two roof cleaning systems. The first for an immediate clean result and the other for a gradually clean result. To make the right choice that suits your situation, you will find extensive information about both on this website roof cleaning methods and roof coating and softwash treatments.


Roof cleaning.

- With Dakshampoo® you will NEVER get more damage to roof tiles as a result of harmful high water pressure. In most cases, roof tiles do not have to be walked on, which excludes the risk of breakage. The Dakshampoo® products are biodegradable and due to our professional working method the landscaping around your house. Make sure to choose a trusted company for your roof cleaning with an excellent system and reputation. Why should you take unnecessary risks with your roof. Choose Dakshampoo® for the safest roof cleaning treatment with guaranteed satisfaction. After a Dakshampoo® treatment you will enjoy your roof for a long time to come. 


Terrace cleaning.

- Treating your patio or sidewalk is also possible. Our terrace cleaning services consist of spraying, hosing down and impregnating or a combination of these. After a spray treatment, clear results are achieved and a high-pressure cleaner can be completely avoided. This spray treatment with our Dakshampoo fast cleaner is very effective and economical for terraces around your house as well as for larger parking spaces.


Facade cleaning. 

- With the Dakshampoo® fast cleaner softwash all types of facades are neatly clean again. In most cases sandblasting can be avoided. The results are particularly good, which is why our facade cleaning agent has been widely ordered by companies and private individuals for many years.


Roof gutter and solar panels protection from Aluper®.

- As a dealer of Aluper® products we offer a permanente solution for gutters against leaves, branches, pine needles in gutters and pests under roof tiles. In addition, we offer a permanent protection against bird nests and vermin under solar panels. The Aluper® products are made of high-quality aluminum and are mounted with a 10-year warranty. 


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